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General information


At the CEE Affairs Review, we are looking for pieces that cover a broad range of CEE-specific issues and fall in between the format and content of academic essays and articles intended for the general public. That is, we aim to publish pieces that are thorough, argumentative, engaging and showcase a good understanding of the subject, but which nonetheless can be enjoyed by readers who, while having an interest, are not necessarily experts in the corresponding field.


We understand ‘CEE affairs’ in the broadest sense: we welcome pieces that demonstrate a connection with the region that is as wide or as specific as the author deems reasonable. Pieces that explore the region’s politics, culture or history are as desirable as pieces that focus on the contributions and perspectives of the region in relation to general wide-ranging global issues.


We are looking for medium- and long-form (up to 2000 words) articles, book reviews, and interviews that fall under one of the following sections:

  • Politics & International Relations: topic areas including but not limited to comparative politics, geopolitics, international relations, strategic studies, and current affairs.

  • Economy: covering political economy, economic history, economic and social policy and related fields.

  • Culture, History, and Society: perspectives on any part of the regions’ history, culture, and social affairs, including visual art, literature, music, popular culture, regional history, national history, folk history, political philosophy, history of ideas, sociology, and any other current or past social affairs


In addition to main termly issues, we also publish pieces on our website on a rolling basis - submissions to the CEE Affairs Review are thus always open.


We aim for our editorial process to be collaborative: we strive to work with our contributors to develop pieces that best reflect their subject matter strengths and showcase the highest quality of writing. Even if you are unsure about the success of your piece, do not hesitate to submit a draft, an outline, or just a general idea for a prospective article!


Style Guide 


Please make sure that the piece you are submitting abides by our style guide. You can find it here:  Style Guide 2023.


Submitting a piece


To submit, please email us at In the subject line, please put a concise topic of the submission and the section(s) it is intended for, e.g. ‘Submission_The Future of Hungarian Democracy_Politics & International Relations’.


If you are submitting a complete piece: please indicate the section you are submitting to as well as your name and affiliated academic institution in the body of the email.

If you are pitching an idea for a prospective piece: in addition to the information above, please include a short overview of what your piece is intended to be about, including the issues covered and the specific perspective taken.

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