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The Central and East European Affairs Review produces regular issues which include articles by undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars from various institutions, as well as guest essays by researchers from related fields. To get involved in our next issue, get in touch through our Contact page

Issue 02: Borders and Boundaries

Our second issue of the CEE Affairs Review seeks to delve into the ‘dividing’ issues of the CEE region, and analyse how this region continues to deal with borders and boundaries that, in many ways, define Central and Eastern Europe.

Special Edition: Looking East

Our Special Edition ‘Looking East’ delves into
the multifaceted interactions between
Russia and the countries nestled within the
heart of Europe. Our mission is to provide
an insightful and balanced perspective that
transcends mere headlines, fostering a deeper
understanding of the historical, political,
economic, and cultural ties that connect these regions together.

Issue 01: Democracy

Our first issue shows that there is more to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe than just a simple story of a clash between hope and harsh reality throughout the last 30 years. With a vision of diverse epistemic standpoints, our authors in this issue tackle questions surrounding the past, present, and future of democracy in CEE.

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