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We Are Recruiting!

CEE Affairs review is recruiting for a number of different positions for Michaelmas (Autumn) term.


After two successful rounds of publication of our issues, we are expanding our team and recruiting new members for the October-January issue cycle. Applicants may be from any academic institution. The position will be held for one Cambridge academic term.

We are currently looking to fill these roles:

Managing Editor (Politics & International Relations or Culture, History, and Society)

Overseeing the work of other editors, reviewing submissions, participating in editorial team meetings, contributing to print issue themes and design, and contributing to the magazine with their own content.

This is a new role, and managing editors will work under the direction of the two editors-in-chief.


Editing submitted pieces, reviewing submissions, and contributing to the magazine with their own content.

Design, Social Media, and Outreach Officer

Working together with the Design, Social Media, and Outreach team leader to generate, publish, and distribute content for our social media platforms. Contributing to the issue design work.

To apply for any of these roles, please click here.


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